I couldn’t predict Saturday’s snowfall in plains: Sonam Lotus


A weatherman can one day be a god-like hero and another day a subject of harsh caricaturing.
Director meteorology department, Sonam Lotus sometimes finds himself at the center of it.
“The science of weather forecasting falls to public scrutiny every single day. When the forecast is correct people rarely comment, but we are often quick to complain when the forecast is wrong,”says Lotus. 
“Saturday’s snowfall in plains I could not predict. I admit it.” Lotus said that to err is human. “I am not God, I am just a human being,” he said. “I utilize all machinery and men to get clear forecast, however at times it turns wrong,” he said. Sonam is the lotus of every eye in Kashmir when it comes to weather forecasting.
However, the dependable weatherman of Kashmir seems to be losing his credibility because of wrong predictions sometimes.
“It begins its life as a global snapshot of the atmosphere at a given time, mapped onto a three-dimensional grid of points that span the entire globe and stretch from the surface to the stratosphere,” Lotus said, explain various complicated steps needed before a forecast is made.
On Tuesday, Lotus wrote the weather advisory on his facebook page and did not mention snowfall in the plains of Kashmir valley.
“A spell of Light to Moderate Rain /snow (over higher reaches) at most likely during 31st night to 3rd Nov. With maximum intensity on 1st &2nd November  In J&K.”
“Moderate snowfall is expected 1-2nd November. On Mugal Road, Zojila, Sinthan Top, North Kashmir, Mountains of Ladakh, Mainly Kargil dist. etc. May Led (sic) to temporary closure of Highways. For kind information and necessary action.” 
However, the prediction turned totally wrong. Though there were light rains on Friday evening, but on afternoon Srinagar received snowfall. Other districts recorded snowfall from Saturday morning bringing life to a standstill across Kashmir and severe disruption of services.

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