Gridlocks bring city-centre to standstill


Commuters faced a tough time on Tuesday due to massive traffic jams in various areas of the city.
Traffic came to a grinding halt at city centre areas including Jehangir Chowk, Budshah Chowk, Residency Road, Regal Chowk, TRC, Polo View and other adjacent areas, causing inconvenience to commuters.
The problem was compounded by absence of traffic cops at vital intersections and wrong parking of vehicles at few places.
“I am stuck here in traffic jam for past twenty minutes. This shows the failure of traffic cops to regulate the traffic?” rued Adil Ahmad, a commuter at MA Road.
“The concerned authorities are acting as mute spectators to traffic jams. They only hold meetings and formulate traffic plans. Ironically, these are never implemented on the ground,” said a group of aggrieved commuters stranded at Regal Chowk.
An ambulance ferrying a patient was also stuck in traffic jam, however, people voluntarily made way for it.
At several places, haphazard parking of vehicles hampers traffic movement. “Some shopkeepers even park their vehicles in non-parking zones. This also leads to traffic jams and causes inconvenience to us. It is high time that the concerned authorities wake up from slumber and restore traffic system,” said Mushtaq Ahmad of Sonwar.
Senior superintendent of police traffic (Srinagar city) Al Tahir Geelani that “it was slow movement of traffic and not traffic jam.”
“The volume of traffic has gone higher while we have same roads. Yesterday, it was traffic jam in city, but today the movement of traffic was slow and there was not traffic jam,” he said. “We are putting our efforts to ensure smooth traffic movement,” the SSP said.

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