Govt appoints interim Dean, HoDs at SKIMS


Government on Tuesday issued orders for appointment of interim dean and heads of departments of SKIMS in place of doctors who had recently been suspended after a news report showed them indulging in private practice.
Government on Tuesday issued two orders to effect the interim appointment of SKIMS faculty as heads of three departments and dean medical faculty to address the situation that had arisen out of the suspension of three heads of departments on Saturday.
Government order SIMS/Per/2392/2018-203-11 issued on 9 January reads, “Consequent upon the suspension of heads of departments of neurology, neonatology and general surgery of SKIMS… it is hereby ordered that as an interim arrangement for management of patient care activities of SKIMS, the following faculty members shall discharge functions as incharge heads of the departments” reads. It lists names of Prof Parvaiz A Koul, Prof Nisar A Choudhary and Prof Bashir Ahmed Charoo against departments of Neurology, General Surgery and Neonatology respectively.
Another order SIMS/Per/3802/2018-212-17 issued the same day has made Dr Omar Javid Shah as dean medical faculty “till further orders as an interim arrangement” to address the vacancy that had arisen out of the suspension of Prof Altaf A Kirmani who was dean medical faculty and was suspended.
Government had on 6 January suspended three doctors of SKIMS who had been shown as indulging in private practice by a news channel. Private practice is banned for doctors of SKIMS.

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