DHSK seals illegally running clinic at Khonmoh in Srinagar


Directorate of Health Services, Kashmir (DHSK) has sealed an illegally running clinic at Khonmoh Srinagar.
A DHSK spokesperson said that a team of doctors headed by Chief Medical Officer, Srinagar raided the clinic of Lateef Khan at stand Khonmoh on August 6 (Monday) after receiving “specific complaint”.
He said the clinic was sealed by the team after it found that the concerned was illegally practicing as a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) after having obtained RMP certificate issued by All India Technical Association for Paramedical Sciences and Alternative Medical Sciences New Delhi – 1100046 under No 59/10/AM/2010 dated10/3/2010.
“While as the fact of the matter is that the certificate issued stands valid only in the jurisdiction of the state of Delhi, as such the practice has been illegally going on in absence of a valid certificate,” he said.
The spokesperson claimed that during the raid it came to surface that the incumbent has illegally been dispensing medication from his own pharmacy without proper record.
“During the raid besides seizing the prescription pads, the CCTV recording box was also seized for further investigations,” he said.

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