Clashes in Rainawari



Heavy clashes broke out between government forces and protesters in Rainawari area of downtown Srinagar on Friday afternoon.

Soon after Friday congregational prayers, people took to the streets and started a peaceful march towards the main chowk.

However, a large contingent of police and para-military troops geared with anti-riots equipment deployed stopped the protesters resulting in massive stone pelting. The police fired tear smoke shells to disperse the protesters.

The stone pelting incidents were also reported from Naidyar, Jogi-lankar, Zindshah Masjid, Mian Shah Sahib and other interior parts of the area. 

Earlier, a joint congregational Friday prayers were held at the DAV school in Dalkawpoor. A 40 member coordination committee that comprises presidents of 40 localities of Rainawari was also formed. The coordination committee gave the blueprint to form a bait-ul-maal to look after needy people.


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