CANINE MENACE: Authorities to set up new sterlisation centre at Tengpora


The Srinagar Municipal Corporation is establishing a new dog sterilization facility at Tengpora here after the existing program for controlling canine population failed to achieve the results.
The SMC had started a sterilisation center at Shuhama in 2013 where around 10 dogs would undergo knife each day. But given the rapidly growing canine population in the city the entire program had come under question over its effectiveness.
The veterinary officer at SMC Dr Javed Ahmad Rather said owing to concern over growing population of stray dogs a new facility worth Rs 1.5 crore was being set up in Tengpora here. He said at least 70 to 80 surgeries would be conducted there on daily basis.
The ongoing program had been put on hold following controversy over approved cost per sterilization and actual cost incurred by the SMC. It was however restarted on 22 March this year once the issue about rates was resolved. 
The SMC commissioner Riyaz Wani claimed that dog population in the city has come down from 49 thousand to 33 thousand during past one year.
Dr Javed said the numbers reflected the success of sterilization program and other measures adopted by the Corporation to control dog population. 
On the other hand there has been no let up in the dog bite cases in the city. During past three years 20,674 cases have been treated at anti-rabies clinic at SMHS hospital.
“People of all ages, mostly young and elderly are falling prey to these canines”, said Ruby Jan, a staff nurse at the clinic. “The most lethal injuries are seen among children who are often mauled by dogs. Sometimes it is really heartbreaking to see children in such excruciating pain”.
Bashir Ahmad, 37, an auto driver from downtown who is undergoing treatment at the clinic said he was attacked by pack of dogs when he was on way to his house from mosque. He suffered grievous injuries in his leg in the canine attack.
The records reveal that at least six deaths have taken place due to dog bites in the city alone while a 3rd standard boy namely Omar had drowned in river Jhelum at Zaina Kadal when he was chased by a pack of stray dogs.

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