BB Cantonment Board areas lack community halls


Residents of Shivpora, Batwara and Indra Nagar in the jurisdiction of Badamibagh Cantonment are facing immense hardships in absence of community halls.
From Athwajan to Sonwar, there is not a single marriage hall. In absence of marriage halls, people in these areas are forced to erect tents and put in place facility for cook food on roads. However, during bad weather, the wedding functions are either cancelled or confined to houses. As a result, the hosts are not able to serve large number of guests.
Shivpora, Batwara and Indranagar fall under the domain of Badamibagh Cantonment Board and comes under the assembly constituency of Sonwar. The cantonment board is responsible for maintaining roads, street lights and other basic facilities unlike other areas of Srinagar which are maintained by Srinagar Municipal Corporation.
Abdul Salam Bhat, chairman Masjid Ibrahim in Shivpora-A said the residents have identified five kanal government land at Yatoo Mohalla for construction of marriage hall.
“We have made several representations before the authorities and demanded construction of marriage hall. We have received lot of assurances but till date no action has been taken” Bhat rued.
Bashir Ahmad Wani, a resident of Shivpora said that the proposed land can be utilized for construction of marriage hall. National conference youth vice president, Ahsan Pardesi, who resides at Shivpora said “I have also taken up this matter with Cantonment authorities. They have assured me that the public demand will be considered on priority,” he added.
Chief executive officer Cantonment Board, Upendra Kumar, said the demand of locals will be met shortly. “We have proposals to construct two community halls at Shivpora and Batwara. The process for this will be initiated soon,” he added.

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