Amori Khariya organises iftaar for orphans


Amori Khariya an NGO organised iftaar for orphans at an orphanage near Makhdoom Sahab (RA) shrine here. 
In a statement, Areeb Kawoosa, chairman of the NGO said, “the purpose of such events is to make these children feel loved. Orphans are usually neglected in our society and we will do our best to raise their nutritional as well as educational status to bring them at par with the rest of the society.”
Among others who were present on the occasion included  Areeb Kawoosa, Junaid Mir, Faisal Kuchai, Farhan Hafeez and JunaidShabir. In a joint statement, the organisers said that the society should as whole come forward and work for the development of orphans.

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