Adnan Sami irked by Omar’s lament on empty seats


Engage in Twitter spat

NEW DELHI: Mixed reports about the success of singer Adnan Sami’s ‘Rhythm in Paradise’ concert in Srinagar on Saturday led to a Twitter war between him and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah.
The exchange of barbs began when a Twitter user tweeted a picture of the “empty seats” at the concert, “past the scheduled Start time.”
To this, Omar responded: “That’s a real pity. I hope people have filled those seats now. For an evening they can let the music transport them to a more peaceful place.”
This did not sit well with Sami, who told Abdullah to not get “so unnerved by a music concert.”
“Bro ur a former CM..U shouldn’t be so unnerved by a music concert. U obviously have bad sources who lie 2 U – HERE are d photos!! #GrowUp,” Sami tweeted, with pictures of people at the concert.
Abdullah responded with a dig of his own, telling Sami that he “used to like” his music “at one time.”
“How does hoping you have a houseful suggest I’m unnerved? I’m glad people got to enjoy an evening of music. I used to like yours at one time,” he wrote.
In a series of tweets, the two continued to exchange barbs, with Sami calling Abdullah “a sadistic sore loser,” and the former chief minister wondering if Sami needs “the column inches in a gossip piece.”
“Like you said right in the beginning – I am a former CM & so I’ll ignore yr 7-8 insults in 3 tweets. Thanks for coming to Srinagar. Stay safe,” Omar said in his final tweet addressed to Sami.
“So you finally realised huh! Der aye durust aye,” Sami responded.