A mere drizzle inundates this city school


Each time summer capital of Srinagar receives a rainfall government girls’ high school RN Mandir at Chattabal area here shuts down. Its campus gets inundated, making the school inaccessible.
When rains lashed city few days ago, students were again forced to pack their bags. On Wednesday, as the school opened students and teachers were seen walking over a long queue of chairs to reach classrooms, through windows.
“We have no other option but to make alternate measures to enter classes,” a school teacher.
A class 8th student, Asma rued failure of authorities to construct proper drainage system around the school to avoid its inundation every time there is a rainfall.  
The school authorities approached Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) for dewatering of school premises, but returned disappointed.
“We conveyed our problem to the Commissioner (SMC) but there was no response from his side,” said school headmistress.
The teachers are now worried that stagnant water would become breeding ground for insects and pose health risk to them as well as students. 
“We have a bitter experience of past,” the headmistress said.
The school runs classes from 6th to 10th in four rooms and has a staff room, office room and laboratory. “There is a single classroom for students from class 6th to 8th while as class 9th and 10th students have separate classroom,” another school teacher said.
Chief education officer (CEO) Mudasir Fazili admitted that school gets inundated even with short spell of rains. “We will start de-watering at the earliest,” he said.

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