92.7 BIG FM launches ‘Youngistan’ in Srinagar


 Private radio network 92.7 BIG FM today launched of ‘Youngistan’ with RJ Amir Ashraf Mir. 
In a statement, spokesperson of 92.7 BIG FM said the afternoon show specially curated for Srinagar listeners is guaranteed to give a unique taste of the city. "The show has a unique investigative, fun-filled format which is public centric. Listeners can tune into BIG FM from Monday to Saturday between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and continue their day with style and a smile," it said.  
"Amir is an alumnus of Kashmir University’s MERC department and was working in Mumbai before taking up the current assignment. He brings with him a vast experience including his work with leading production houses in Mumbai including Fireworks Production, Colosceum Media Private Ltd and Greed Goddess Mumbai," the statement said.  

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