3 decades on, authorities fail to remove bottleneck on Soura-Pandach road


Despite passing of three decades, authorities have failed to remove  major bottleneck on Soura-Pandach road here.    
The bottleneck in shape of a building houses police station Soura. The building is situated at the beginning of the road from Soura to Awanta Bhawan which connects the two-tube road with 90-feet road. However, the failure of the authorities to remove the structure results in traffic congestion outside the Srinagar’s tertiary healthcare institute SKIMS.
“Instead of dismantling the structure, police has further constructed few more structures inside the police station which is situated main Soura chowk,” said an official of Roads and Building department.
Ajaz Ahmad, a Soura resident said “ironically authorities are taking action against vendors who are helpless, but when it comes to their own departments, they fail to initiate any action.”
“We want to see how IGP Traffic Basant Rath, who is media sensation, would react to this challenge as his own department is creating hurdles in smooth passage of traffic in Soura,” he said.
Officials said that R&B department had proposed to widen the road from Soura to Awanta Bhawan to connect the two-tube road with 90-feet road to ease the traffic movement. The 90-feet road commonly known as ‘Nammath’ is an important road link connecting Srinagar with Leh. 
The seven kilometer stretch starts from Soura and ends at Pandach on city outskirts bordering Ganderbal district. The road was built in the early 21st century by clearing the existing clay dunes. In 1987, the state government planned to demolish the Soura police station to pave way for widening of the road.
However, for past nearly 30 years, the successive regimes have failed to raze down the police station—resulting in traffic congestion outside SKIMS. Keeping in view importance of the road, the R&B department had sanctioned its DPR. But the hurdle in the road widening along one-km stretch is the existing police station opposite SKIMS. 
Another official added that “earlier in 1990’s, demolition of the police station was stopped by the Police department citing security threats and other reasons. Even after considerable improvement in the situation after 2000, the state machinery has failed to remove the bottleneck mainly due to lack of cooperation by the Police department.”
While private and commercial structures have been removed, the failure of government to demolish police station is main hurdle.
A senior police official who wished anonymity said “it is upto the government to provide us alternative space for police station. Though, there was a proposal to shift it, but we haven’t been provided any alternative site.”

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