CFC Hajin qualify for semi-final after beating SWFC Barmaulla 2-0


Hajin: CFC Hajin reached semi-final after beating SWFC Baramulla by 2-0 goals in the quarter finals of the ongoing Football Cup football tournament on Tuesday played at Sports ground Gundjageer.
CFC’s striker Sajad Ahmad Basu scored first goal in 10th minute of the match. At the end of the first half SWFC was trailing by a goal.
In 2nd half of the match Sajad scored a second goal for his team. SWFC tried their best to score a goal, but a tight defence of CFC sunk their every move. When referee blows final whistle, score remains 2-0 goals in favour of CFC.
With this win CFC has booked their place in semi-final of the tournament.

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