Youth left in lurch by Anti-youth Government

‘Rising unemployment in J&K a matter of grave concern’


Srinagar 27 March: Renowned Political Social and youth Activist Syed Aijaz Kashani on Tuesday said the youth of Jammu and Kashmir had been left in the lurch by a brazenly nepotistic and anti-youth Government.He said the hard-working, meritorious and qualified youth of the State were being pushed against the wall because of delays in recruitment, competitive examinations and at service commissions.He said we have highly qualified, talented youth who have given their sweat and blood to be equipped with great academic credentials and this Government seems hell-bent to alienate them.He said the dictator orders of PDP/BJP government are allowing forces to cross all the limits of brutality in every corner of the valley and not only the common people but also the young generation of Kashmir are now facing the violation of Forces.He said lack of direction and political will have compounded the perception of political uncertainty in the state whereas the government should have tried to provide a hope of inclusive development, reconciliation, and peace.”People are being treated as slaves by both the parties and the present political drama staged by them is another attempt to hoodwink the people like they did in the Assembly elections,”

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