Why doctor was put behind bars, labeled ‘terrorist’: SHRC asks SSP Srinagar


The State Human Rights Commission on Monday issued notice to senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Srinagar asking him to explain as to why a doctor was put behind bars and labeled as ‘terrorist’.
On Wednesday, a dentist, Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, while going to his clinic was stopped by police at Nowhatta and asked to buy a lucky-draw coupon for a police fair and when he resisted he was detained.
Dr Mushtaq filed a petition in the State Human Rights Commission and also registered his complaint with the Director General of Police (DGP) grievance cell. The commission took cognizance of the case, but the police are yet to register the complaint of the doctor.
“I wrote a detailed complaint to the grievance cell, but they are yet to accept it. My grievance number is JKP 29, and it’s been five days, they didn’t initiate any inquiry against the officers,” said Dr Mushtaq.
The doctor has stated in the petition that “a group of policemen stopped his car near Nowhatta and asked him to buy a lucky-draw coupon for the upcoming Police Public Mela.
“I was made to buy the ticket forcibly which I didn’t appreciate. I objected to it and asked a few questions, but the police took to the police station. The Munshi of the police station threatened, harassed and abused me to the best of his satisfaction.
“The Munshi told me that I am a terrorist and am planning to attack their naka here,” he said. 
“I kept telling the Munshi that I am a local resident and a respected person who is not only a doctor, but a social activist as well, but the Munshi ordered his men to put me in the lock up,” the doctor said. 
He alleged that he was kept with criminals for at least two hours.
“It was only after the intervention of the concerned SDPO that I was released. If the SDPO was not known to me I would have been booked for some serious criminal act,” the doctor states in the petition.
“If this happens to a peace loving citizen how can we accept to have a cordial relationship between police and the public?,” the petition says.
The case will now be heard on 28 February by the SHRC.

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