Sunday schooling compensates some loss


Amid frequent closure of educational institutions by the government this year to stop the students from protesting against killings by the security forces, the private schools remained open on Sunday. The decision to open the schools on Sunday was taken by private schools association to compensate academic losses.
“Due to the prevailing situation we will try to have just one weekly off in a week,” said president private schools association, G. N. Var.
From March 1 when the current academic session began, the schools had just 20 working days. The government has been frequently enforcing closure of the educations institutions in the wake of massive student protests across Kashmir against the killing of 13 militants and four civilians by government forces in Shopian district on April 1. Later four more civilians were shot dead by the government forces in Kulgam district, triggering more student protests.
The private schools have already decided to approach the government to seek re-arrangement of holidays’ calendar.
Smooth functioning of the educational institutions has become a challenging job for the government given the campus uprising for past one year.
The government has decided to frame a new academic calendar which will have increase the working days and curtail the holidays.
The government school teachers are also convincing parents to send their wards to schools on Sundays in order to compensate academic losses.
The teachers from government middle school Wizzer in Kreeri Baramulla have approached parents to send kids to school on Sundays in case school remains closed on other days in a week.
“We are holding deliberations with parents and if they will agree we will keep our school open on Sundays to compensate academic losses,” said a teacher of the school.
Minister for education, Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari, said there is no harm in making alternative plans to compensate academic losses.
“Education department has also prepared a new academic calendar which will be announced next week. It will emphasise on having more working days,” he said.

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