Students, Aspirants & Residents appeal to govt. over different issues


Confusing decision 
From this year Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) has decided to revise the pattern of question paper and to cancel the practical examination. However, the tragedy is that the board authorities have not notified the change though they have declared the examination would be held one month ahead of the schedule i.e. exams would be held in September this year. They are yet to issue any syllabus and notifications.
Besides increasing the questions in paper and the practical involvement, the time has been kept same. We appeal the government to implement this decision next year as this announcement during midsession has created lot of confusion.
Shift boys from Women’s college 
We recently came to know that authorities have introduced a new course women’s polytechnic Bemina  and other women colleges but boys too have been given admission in this course. We don’t understand why they have given admission to boys in a women’s college. 
There are many parents who want their daughters to study in college where only girls are allowed. We appeal Chief Minister and Education Minister to look into the matter and shift this course to some other college or allow only girls in this course.
Masters appeal Education Minister, DSEK  
The department of Education has got new galaxy of versatile personalities. We hope education department would touch new horizons under their guidance. Since the word promotion means the process of raising or of being raised to a higher position. But for I/C Masters of 2014, this word has proved as denigration and punishment. As a matter of fact, we have been promoted to I/C Masters in year 2014 vide Director School Education Order No: 197-DSEK of 2014, dated: 06-02-2014 and 610-DESK of 2014, dated: 24-05-2014. On one hand we were displaced from our parent districts and posted at far flung areas but on the other hand we are working in our previous pay and grade for the last three years. Obviously, we were deprived of the benefit of this promotion by keeping us without confirmation. It is the first time in the history of Education department that Masters remained hanging without confirmation for 3 years. That is why, most of I/C Masters now prefer demotion rather than this promotion. Although we have been assured by ex-directors and concerned authorities that our confirmation will be done at an earliest, but nothing concrete has been done in this regard. Moreover, the department has collected our APRs and particulars number of times, but unfortunately nothing positive happened. The I/C Masters of Jammu who were promoted along with us in Jammu division have already been confirmed. We fail to understand why we are being punished for the fault which has nothing to do with us. Now, we I/C Masters-year 2014, humbly request the dignified team of the Education Department especially Minister for Education, Altaf Ahmad Bukhari and Director School Education G N Yatoo to please look into the matter and take immediate necessary action for our confirmation so that our long pending grievance will be redressed. Hope to receive sympathetic consideration at your hands.
I/C Masters 2014
Defunct BSNL landlines 
We the residents of Alamdar Colony Rawalpora are facing lot of hardship due to non-functional BSNL landlines services for past over 2 months. Despite time and again complaints about the problem, the authorities did not pay any heed towards our problem to restore landline connections for the past over two months. We are facing lot of hardships due to non-functional landline connections. It has also affected broadband services in the area particularly Lane No:–H. We appeal GMT to look into to the matter and direct the concerned official to take necessary measure to restore the service in the area.
Residents of Alamdar Colony Lane No-H -Rawalpora
Provide study material 
This refers to the sorry state of affairs of Directorate of Distance Education University Of Kashmir. We are waiting for study material from almost three months but are yet to collect it. A good amount of fee was collected from us that included the cost of study material. Many times the concerned authorities have been contacted but they don’t pay any heed towards our pleas .They are unable to give concrete reasons as to why they can’t provide us with the study material. A lot of time has already elapsed and maybe we will be running short of time to prepare for our examination. The DDE should take cognizance of this matter and help us. 
Tufail Ahmad Shah 
Student B.Ed Degree College Kupwara.
Chinar poses threat to lives  
The Chinar at Chinar Colony Harwan is a living threat to commuters, school children and the residents. The branches are withered so much that any gust of wind can knock them down anytime. The tree is hollowed out and may not stand its own load. And the live high tension wire going overhead is a double risk that compounds the problem. Though the residents have applied to the concerned office so that the spot is inspected and the needful done, but who knows if something happens before the sanction is granted to chop off the dried up branches. Human life is more precious than any official procedure. We hope the city administration takes an urgent note of the situation before it’s too late.