SKIMS resident doctors suspend strike after five days


Resident doctors of Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) on Wednesday evening suspended the strike after five days.
“In view of the order issued by director SKIMS SIMS 301 01(02)/18/666/69 issued on 16 May, signifying that pay hike for PG residents shall be applied soon and necessary orders will be issued within 2-3 days, the RDA decided to suspend the strike for the time being,” said a statement issued by the resident doctors association (RDA).
“The decision has been taken in order to avoid further deterioration of patient care.”
Director SKIMS, Prof Omar Javed Shah said that all routine services of the institute would resume with immediate effect.
“Today, we hired our first lot of junior residents and the resumption of duties by our existing residents will help streamline patient care immediately,” he said.
RDA has thanked director SKIMS for “tireless efforts” and hoped that he would pave way for getting their demands addressed.
SKIMS resident doctors had been on strike since Saturday, resulting in massive inconvenience to the patients.
Patients across Kashmir had been facing harrowing ordeals as SKIMS cancelled all routine surgeries, diagnostic tests and other procedures during the past five days.

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