SHRC seeks Govt’s response on petition demanding special homes for families of returnee militants


Moved by the plight of wives and children of former militants who returned home from Pakistan-administered Kashmir and Pakistan under a government rehabilitation policy, the state human rights commission Wednesday sought government’s response to demands of setting up special homes for them until they are sent back.  
The demand was made in a petition to the SHRC by rights activist Ahsan Untoo, after hearing which a notice was issued to the state’s home secretary for the government’s response. 
Hundreds of former militants have returned to Kashmir valley from Pakistan-administered Kashmir and Pakistan along with their wives and children who have no documents or citizen rights.
The militants had gone across the Line of Control for arms training during the 1990s but never came back to fight. 
Instead they married local women from PaK and Pakistan and raised families until government announced a rehabilitation policy for them in 2010 to facilitate their return. 
“When the said policy was announced the wider publication was given in the print, electronic and social media. Immediately one of the persons who had crossed LoC in early 90’s namely Liyaqat Khan and his wife were excited to avail the rehabilitation policy but unfortunately the person and his wife were arrested, which created controversy over the rehabilitation policy,” reads Untoo’s petition.
“Despite of the fact the Union Government was not inclined to make this policy successful, still then the persons who had crossed the LoC in early 90’s managed to come to their native place but the respondents (authorities) arrested them along with their family members. Although, they were released later on by the judicial process.”
The petitioner also alleged that the rehabilitation policy has not been implemented by the state government.
“Situation took a serious mode when number of women who (had) returned along with their husbands were divorced by them or whose husbands expired…want to visit their parental home.” 
But they have not been provided passports forcing them into destitution and statelessness.
“…there is no one to look after them and it is the duty of the state government to take immediate steps regarding their parental home along with their children to other side of Kashmir. It is also duty of the state government establish special homes for these destitute ladies and their children till they are deputed to other side of LOC,” the petition states.

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