PDP-BJP coalition brought anarchy to J&K: Hakeem Yaseen


Accusing PDP-BJP coalition government for the prevailing “worst ever socio-political turbulence and instability” in the state, chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen said that it was only due to outrage from justice loving civil society groups at international and national levels over the Kathua case, that the government woke up from three months’ deep slumber.
He said, “The un-holly alliance between these ideologically opposite parties has left the state at the brink of total anarchy and uncertainty at all fronts.”
In a statement issued here, Yaseen said that alliance between PDP-BJP has proved much costlier to the people of the state as they get no time to look into the grievances of the people except tackling internal bickering to save their chair.
“In this regard he quoted the latest statement of the brother of Chief Minister and Tourism Minister in her cabinet, Tasaduq Mufti in which he has stated that PDP-BJP have “ended up being partners in a crime for which an entire generation of Kashmiris might have to pay with their blood,”  he said. “One shall have to feel how much pain, helplessness and dissent Tassaduq Mufti has expressed for being in the coalition with the BJP. Under such circumstances, what shall be the fate of governance in the state, Hakeem questioned adding that  both the parties have no right to be in power.”
He said both these parties shall have to be answerable before the people for backtracking from the promises made to them in their respective election manifesto and latter deceiving them for the sake of chair.
While demanding stern action against all those found indulging in obstructing justice delivery in the gruesome rape and murder case of the minor Kathua girl, he has called for registering an FIR against the accused ministers and lawyers.

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