Newly recruited 10+2 lecturers to draw full salary


The minister for education Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari on Wednesday said the newly recruited 10+2 lecturers will draw their full salary instead of consolidated Rs 15000 for the first five years of their service.
The minister made this announcement during the inaugural ceremony of 2-day science exhibition organized by directorate of school education in collaboration with state institute of education (SIE) Srinagar at government girls higher secondary school Kothi Bagh here.
“All the 10+2 lecturers recruited from the month of March this year will draw full salary like employees of the other departments. The decision has been approved by state cabinet,” Bukhari said.
He said earlier the salary of newly recruited 10+2 lecturers was fixed as Rs 15000 for the first five years of their service, however the decision was modified after the personal intervention of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti.
“We recruited 1600 assistant professors in higher education department who are drawing full salary but Rs 15000 for newly recruited 10+2 lecturers for first five years was injustice to them. Our CM was also against it so the cabinet has approved full salary for them,” Bukhari said.
The minister however said the HRA and DA allowances of lecturers posted in cities should be cancelled as they are reluctant to go to schools situated in far off areas.
“If left to me I will cancel all HRA and DA allowances of lectures posted in cities and towns who are reluctant to go cut off areas where whole student community is dependent on government schools,” the minister said.

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