Mazhama residents blame ‘water scarcity’ for serious condition of elderly woman


A 65-year-old woman is battling for life at SKIMS hospital, after she had slipped while fetching water in central Kashmir’s Budgam village. The residents blame water scarcity in the area for her condition.
Sara Begum, according to her relatives, had gone out to fetch water in her native Mazhama, as there has been no water supply to the village from last two months.
“She slipped, resulting in serious injury to her head,” said Manzoor Ahmad, Begum’s relative who was nursing her in the hospital.
The doctors at SKIMS Soura attending to Begum termed her condition as “serious”.  “We have kept her on ventilator,” said Dr Farhat.
Residents of Mazhama are aghast over the incident and termed it as the government’s “callousness”.
“It’s really unfortunate incident and shameful on part of Public Health Engineering (PHE) department as women have to come out of their homes to fetch water,” they said.
They added that there is only one public tap for the entire village, and it becomes even risky for womenfolk to fetch water as they have to cross the highway to reach the facility.
However, authorities are denying that there is any water shortage in the village. “There is no such problem. It has happened some three to four days back, but we have resolved it,” said Nazir Ahmad, junior engineer of PHE in the area.

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