Malik decries army chief’s remarks, says ‘all oppressive tactics have failed’


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Yasin Malik termed on Saturday as “naked fascism” army chief General Bipin Rawat’s statement asking teachers in Kashmir not to teach two maps to students.
Malik said Rawat’s remarks actually demonstrate “his anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmir mindset”.
In a statement issued here, the JKLF chief said that the “real control of the India which claims to be the biggest democracy, lies in the hands of armed forces.”
“Indian army chief is on daily basis issuing threats to Kashmiris. Sometimes, he comes out with a plan of killing more and more Kashmiris in the name of operation all out and sometimes he divulges plans to control masjids and schools to defeat Kashmiris,” Malik said.
“We want to tell him that his army, forces, police and other agencies have tried all oppressive tactics for the past 70 years including brutal killings, disappearances, arrests, torture, rampaging of localities, humiliation of youth and elders, reign of terror against unarmed civilians, intimidations and bullying but have failed to suppress Kashmiri sentiments and passion for freedom because defeating peoples sentiments is not possible for any one.”
He said that the “illogical statements of Indian army chief and other Indian dignitaries on Kashmir actually show their lack of knowledge about Jammu& Kashmir”.
“These statements are also a reflection of their naïveté as they are unaware of the historical fact that no nation striving for its freedom has ever been and can ever be suppressed by military might and oppressive controls,” he said.
“Indian army chief and other leadership should remember that Kashmiris are fighting and rendering valuable sacrifices for a genuine cause and military suppression and control can never defeat their aspirations, will and sentiments,” Malik added.
Terming the state legislative assembly as a “cheap drama theatre where killers pose as saviors”, Malik said that some assembly members are seen raising human rights issues and some “defending killer forces”, some term armed youth as their brethren and some dub them as terrorists, some are seen asking for resolution of Kashmir and some glorifying the so-called accession with India.”
“We want to ask these cheap performers known as assembly members who are actually puppets whose strings are in the hands of their masters in Delhi and Nagpur that they always ask people for votes by using pro-freedom sugar coated slogans,” he said.
“Why they don’t have some guts to come clean, shun hypocrisy and come before the people with their original pro-India stance.”
He said that keeping thousands of young and old Kashmiris into jails and incarceration centers under black laws and concocted cases and “unabated genocide of Kashmiris especially youth by forces under the tag of operation all out is a ploy to put Kashmiris into submission but these atrocities and oppressive tactics will also fail in defeating our will and valor”. GKNN

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