Kashmir University students protest against braid-cutting spree


The students of Kashmir University on Thursday staged protests against alleged failure of the government to prevent braid-chopping incidents in the Valley.
Scores of hostel boarders marched through the varsity campus and staged protests against the braid-chopping spree.
The protesters demanded the identification of the people involved in braid-chopping. “They should be brought to book,” said a protester.
Joint separatist leadership had asked the students to stage protests against the braid-chopping spree. However, the authorities closed the schools across the Kashmir valley to prevent protests.
The varsity authorities also suspended the class work today.
While separatists have blamed the government for the braid-chopping, authorities said they are investigating the “role of anti-national elements benefitting from protests” triggered by these acts.
Police have said that 100 braid chopping incidents have taken place in the Valley while ruing the “lack of co-operation” from the members of public.

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