Human Rights activist Raqif Makhdoomi rises concern on the names Coming out in Metoo campaign.

Says Metoo is at its full boom and strict action must be taken against all those involved in the harassment.

Human Rights activist Raqif Makhdoomi while reacting to the Metoo campaign going on in India said, on one hand, it’s a good thing that all those who have gone through harassment are coming up and exposing those who have put on the mask of intellectual. On the other hand, it’s really shocking to know those well-known people especially well-known journalists, film directors, actors, comedians and others are involved in it. This is really shameful to come across these names who were seen as role models by many.
Human Rights activist Raqif makhdoomi talking about the effect of ongoing movement in Kashmir said this movement has brought those names out that has left people in shock. Some Well known journalists, political analyst, political worker, minister, bureaucrat, professors and youth leader have been exposed till now. Raqif makhdoomi said its a success that those working with national level newspapers and news channels who have been exposed have resigned.
Raqif makhdoomi said now it’s time for the government to take action against all those involved in the harassment.
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