Hope Youth Foundation expresses serious concern on beating of a Kashmir’s in each and every corner of India

Hope Youth Foundation expresses serious concern about the beating of a Kashmiri’s throughout India. In the recent incident that took place in Himachal Pradesh.In which a Kashmiri was beaten ruthlessly and mercilessly. The same type of incident took place in Delhi in which a Kashmiri woman was beaten mercilessly. No one should mercy on her.  On the other hand, we welcome non-Kashmiri people belonging from the other parts of India. Hope Youth Foundation organized a meeting under the supervision of Secretary Raqif Makhdoomi,  Which was attended by several other organizations also the Joint Secretary Nasir Ahmad Lori, Additional Secretary Burhan wain and by other members of the foundation were present in the meeting. Everyone in the meeting termed these types of incident’s unfortunate and said that these incidents must stop and as soon as possible the union government /GOI must interfere and make sure that everyone is safeguarded in other states of India
Secretary Raqif Makhdoomi while addressing the meeting said that if these incidents continue to take place it will create the huge problem for both Kashmiris and Non-Kashmiris as well.  He while condemning the act said that it needs to be investigated in a good manner and the result should be fair. Raqif makhdoomi stressed on the members to safe guard every non-Kashmiri people in Kashmir and also urged them to welcome them with open arms
Joint Secretary Nasir Lori and Additional Secretary Burhan wain also addressed the meeting and urged the members that do whatever they can do to safeguard the tourists. Joint secretary Nasir Lori said that at the time of growing tension we must keep our emotions under control and ensure the safety of our guests. Additional Secretary Burhan Nazir urged the government to interfere in the matter and ensure the safety of their citizens in other parts and also of the people who visit Kashmir.
Secretary Raqif Makhdoomi at the end of the meeting said that keeping in view the demand of members to change the name of the organization the name has been changed to “Hope Youth Foundation” From “ We Stand With Poor”
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