Govt ‘denies pension’ to family of cop who threw shoe at Omar Abdullah


The family of Ahad Jan, who hurled a shoe at then Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in 2010, has been reportedly denied his pension and GP Fund by the government. Ahad Jan, a head constable in J&K Police, died in February 2017.
Ahad Jan threw a shoe at Omar Abdullah at the official August 15 function in Bakshi Stadium here, at the height of 2010 anti-government uprising during which around 128 youths were shot dead by government forces.
Jan was arrested at the spot and later suspended from service.
“The police department didn’t re-instate him into service even though the then Chief Minister Omar Abdullah publicly declared amnesty for him,” Bega Begum, Jan’s wife said.
“Since the shoe hurling incident in 2010 till his death in February 2017, my husband wandered from pillar to post requesting authorities to re-instate him. But he died as a suspended policeman. After his death, police department seized his GP Fund and denied us pension,” Bega Begum added.
“It is his hard earned money and it should be given to us. We are living in penury after his death,” she said.
She said that Omar Abdullah and later present Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti assured her that the family would get the pension and GP Fund. “But nothing changed on the ground even though I met Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti.”
Director general of police S P Vaid said, “I will look into the issue.” WITH CNS

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