Government orders posting of junior scale KAS officers


Government on Saturday issued an order placing services of several junior scale KAS officers at the disposal of the administrative departments. 
As per the order, Shafiq Ahmad Wani has been placed in the excise and taxation, Javaid Ahmad Malik in Secretariat, Ashwani Hansa in Secretariat, Iqbal Hussain Mir in excise and taxation, Irfan Ali Khan in excise and taxation, Jigmet Raftan at Secretariat.
Azhar Amin Zargar has been placed in Excise and Taxation, Arshad Hussain Ganai in Rural Development, Nazir Ahmad Bhat in Rural Development, Choudhary Muhammad Nawaz in Rural Development, Saima Sharief Khan in Rural Development.
Jaliel Ahmad Mir has been placed in Industries and Commerce department as project manager, Sheikh Enayattullah in Industries & Commerce as Project Manager, Ashu Kumari in Information, Imtiaz in Revenue, Abdul Majeed Rather in Revenue, Suhayb Ahmad Wani in Transport, Samrinder Singh in Transport, Deep Novel Kour in Revenue, Mohd. Imran Naik in Revenue, Qaiser Mehmood in Revenue, Diksha Bamba in Revenue, Sheikh Salahu-ud-din in Revenue, Mudasirah in Revenue, Arti in Revenue, Chander Shakhar Sharma in Revenue
Naveed Hussain Badroo in Hospitality and Protocol. 
As per the order, officers figuring at serial number 1 to 23 in the order shall join the new departments immediately. 
However, the officers figuring at serial number 24 to 46, 47 to 69, 70 to 92 and 93 to 115 shall move after a gap of 5 days, respectively, from the date of issuance of the order. 
As per the order, the junior scale KAS officers posted in the personal sections of Advisors to the Governor shall continue at their present places of postings notwithstanding allocation of new departments to them. Such Junior Scale KAS officers, who may be presently on earned leave or any other kind of leave, shall immediately on expiry of the leave, the order has stated. 
As per another order, Mohit Raina is placed in Excise and Taxation, Saniya Malik in Excise and Taxation, Kanchan Bala in excise and taxation, Pooja Rasgotra in Excise and Taxation, Anissa Nabi in Excise and Taxation, MohMMs Raiyaz in Excise and Taxation.
Aamir Ayaiz Rather has been placed in Excise and Taxation, Angel Kotwal in Rural Development, Shalini Rainain Rural Development, Kewal Krishan Sharma in the Secretariat, Kritika Raina in Secretariat.
Mamta Rajput has been placed in Secretariat, Surbhi Raina in Secretariat, Arshi Rasool in Rural Development, Rajani Bala in Rural Development, Zeba Suleman in Secretariat, Shafqet Ali in Secretariat, Neha Bakshi in Secretariat, Tahira Tabasum in Secretariat, Sanam Mansoor in Rural Development, Irfan Manzoor in Rural Development, Abdul Rashid Raina in Secretariat, Murtaza Rashid in Rural Development, Bilal Ahmad Mir in Secretariat, Kavita Pandoh in Rural Development, Daljeet Singh in Rural Development, Joni Kumar in Rural Development Muhammad Yousf Ganaie in Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs.
Sheetal Kumar Sharma in Rural Development, Sourabh Sharma in Rural Development, Meenakshi Jasrotia in Rural Development, Anuradha in Rural Development, Mudasir Ahmad in Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Sania Haq Khan in Rural Development, Snober Jameel in Rural Development, Padma Angmo in Rural Development, Raman Sharma in Rural Development, Tabish Saleem in Rural Development, Indu Sakshi in Industries and Commerce (Functional Manager), Pankaj Sasan, Industries & Commerce (Functional Manager), Sundeep Kumar, Industries & Commerce (Functional Manager), Sandeep Dubey in Industries and Commerce (Functional Manager), Mirza Mumtaz Iqbal in Revenue, Arjumand Yaqoob in Industries and Commerce (Functional Manager).
Vikram Kumar has been placed in Revenue, Abid Hussain in Industries and Commerce (Project Manager), Malvika Sharma in Industries and Commerce (Project Manager), Javid Ahmad Sheikh in Revenue, Bilal Ahmad Najar in Industries and Commerce (Project Manager), Shruti Bhardwaj in Revenue, Om Parkash in Revenue, Tariq Ahmad in Revenue, Surinder Singh in Revenue, Ravi Shanker in Revenue, Zeeshan Tahir in Revenue, Javaid Iqbal in Revenue, Raoof Iqbal in Revenue, Shohab Latief in Revenue, Bilal Ahmad in Revenue, Syed Namaz Nahin Tabasam Shah in Revenue, Sunil Sharma in Revenue, Ravdeep Kour in Revenue, Runica in Revenue, Irshad Ahmed Sheikh in Revenue.

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