Darjeeling protesters demanding statehood draw inspiration from Kashmiris, Palestinians


Protesters demanding statehood in Darjeeling area of West Bengal are drawing inspiration from Kashmiri and Palestinian protesters, a media report said today.
“We have reasons to draw inspiration from the youths of Kashmir. On YouTube, one can see even girls throwing stones at the police and security forces in Kashmir,” a protester Pritam Lama, who stays near Bijanbari, about 30 km from Darjeeling was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.
On June 17 only, at least 30 police personnel were injured in the clashes, the report said. 
"Stones are the easiest way to attack the police. These are free, available just about everywhere in the hills and most come in sizes that fit our fingers perfectly,” said Subir Rai, a youth from Birch Hill area.
“Why only in Kashmir, the stone has been used by youths of Palestine too. We watched all the videos on YouTube,” said another youth in Darjeeling on Sunday.

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