Class 7 English paper error confuses students


The students who appeared in 7th class term second examination for english paper on Thursday had to face inconvenience as an error in the exam paper caused confusion among them.
The term second examination of class 7th started on Thursday with english being the paper first. The examination is conducted by the state institute of education (SIE) and district institute of education and training (DIET).
According to teachers, the english paper provided to the students mentioned to have a total of 11 questions with 40 marks, however in reality the paper had only seven questions with a total of 28 marks.
A student who appeared in the exam said the error caused confusion among students, adding, “Though we wrote the paper having 7 questions only however we are now curious as how the examiners will calculate the marks.”
When contacted, principal district institute of education and training (DIET) Ganderbal Sheikh Gayas ud din said the papers have been printed by the state institute of education (SIE) and they are conduct the examination. 
Talking to Greater Kashmir, principal State Institute of Education Mehboob Hussain said that the DIET sets up the question paper which is then sent to SIE for printing. “However to keep the confidentiality of the examination papers these are sent for printing as they are received.”
However he said that action will be taken against the erring officials.

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