Call for justice to Kathua victim gathers momentum


Many Kashmiri Pandits, social activists and journalists continue to register protest to seek justice in the gruesome rape and murder case of an eight-year-old girl from Kathua.
“This is not about Hinduism! It is neither about Islam! This is not about Muslims, neither it is about Hindus. This is about rape and brutal murder of an eight year old minor girl! This is about justice! Shameful about the way it is being blocked by lawyers!” writer Ashima Koul tweeted.
Shivani Bazaz, a correspondent at Economic Times expressed anguish on the way the gruesome crime was being given religious color. “If your ‘religion’ needs you to hinder the process for justice to an 8-year-old rape victim, you probably need another religion. And if you are doing it in the name of your religion, probably your religion doesn’t need you,” Bazaz tweeted.
Author Gurmehar Kaur talked about the state’s failure to prevent such horrifying crimes. “6 years after the unfortunate night in December 2012, once again India gathers to demand justice for rape victims, one of whom an 8-year-old child. How many more incidents of sexual violence will it take for the government to make this country safe for its women?” she asked.
TV journalist Sagarika Gose lashed out at those who tried to give communal color to the crime. “How can people be so drugged on hatred, so hyptonised by toxic ideology, so frenzied in their blind fury that they can’t see the sheer inhumanity of making a CHILD the target of their communal fantasy? What kind of monster would target her?” she tweeted.
“Can’t imagine how anyone can have any rationale for what happened in #Kathua. All of you citing ‘kashmiri pandits, valley muslims’ even after seeing her images are perverts, be ashamed of who you are, shame on your existence,” wrote Supriya Shrinate at ET NOW, Time Group Channel.
Rajdeep Sardesai, known TV journalist, wrote that those who shout “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “Jai Shri Ram” in Jammu protests over rape case were not Hindu but anti-Hindu. “You bring utter disgrace to a great religion.”

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