Article 35A acts as a bridge between the state and the centre: JKPA

Jammu Kashmir People’s Alliance here on today addressed Press Conference in Srinagar over attempts to Abrogate Article 35A, Arrest of Gujjar Activist Adv Talib Choudhary without any rhyme and reason and Bogus FIR against JK Peoples Alliance State Youth Secretary Mohammad Aqib Renzu Shah over Facebook Post.
While Addressing Press Conference in Srinagar, State Youth Secretary of JK People’s Alliance Mohammed Aqib Renzu Shah, said that Jammu Kashmir People’s Alliance had sat its goal that the party will fight unless and until the Govt Will not show their positive response to Safeguard Article 35-A. He said this article acts as a “bridge between the state and the center. He said that Any damage to this Article and any move by the government against it could have serious results and government should refrain from any kind of such activities. He said that Article 35A “is the backbone of state’s special status. Aqib Said that If there are no Articles 35A, then there is no accession (of Jammu and Kashmir to India). He said that the state subject law has to be protected at any cost and no tampering with this law would be tolerated. JKPA won’t allow anybody to fiddle with Article 35A. The state subject law should not be eroded at any cost, he added.
While Condemning the Arrest of Gujjar Activist Adv Talib Choudhary, Aqib, demanded his release without any Further delay. He said that all that has been done so far is to polarize the entire region on religious lines and intimidate the minority community and drive them away from the forests of Jammu. He said that Adv Talib gave voice to the suppressed and brought the case to national attention and now he is being punished for the same. He also condemned the recent attack on him. He said that Charges Against Adv Talib are totally false and the attempt has been made in order to insure him and to suppress him so he could not raise the voice in favor of an eight-year-old girl. He has been booked under false case the allegations are totally baseless and fraud.
On Bogus FIR, Aqib Said that a social activist enormously contributing to the social cause was arrested on (on a pretext of) allegedly for posting unlawful content on Facebook. Aqib, claims that my content has been morphed under the instructions of Ex MLC Khursheed Aalam to implicate him. Aqib said that I was Bailed out on Monday, but with the Support of Concerned SHO, they didn’t release me on the same day, while throwing Court order through Window. Though I was released on bail, yet it has an alarm of insecurity for other activists. Implicating social workers, activists, a journalist in fake cases, harassing and pressurizing them is the deplorable act that can have serious repercussions.  Instead of subjecting to harassment, authorities must appreciate, value the services of activists and provide them the freedom to carry out their professional activities. He said that I was expected as I have raised voices of People as I don’t have any background in Politics, Moreover PDP has Learner a lesson from BJP and RSS to book youth under Bogus and Fake FIR. I am surprised that How Close Associates of Said MLC were allowed to visit Police Station to harass me, Aqib added.
Meanwhile, JKPA strongly Condemned Brutal and Cold-blooded Murder of youth at Farooq Abdullah’s Residence in Jammu, we demanded the arrest of the personnel involved in his cold-blooded murder.
He was not carrying any weapon and was not affiliated with any separatist or Militant Outfit, Why gunshots were fired to kill him instead of making any attempt to overpower him and arrest him, he Questioned.
General Secretary of Jammu Kashmir People’s Alliance Er Sajad Reshi, District Youth Coordinator Raqif Makhdoomi were also Present on the Occasion.
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