Anantnag shuts on Qazi Nisar’s death anniversary


Shutdown was observed in Anantnag town and adjoining areas of south Kashmir on Monday to commemorate the death anniversary of Muslim United Front (MUF) leader and founder of Ummat-e-Islami, Qazi Nisar.
His son and chairman of Ummat-e-Islami, Qazi Yasir, had called for shutdown today.
Shops and other business establishments remained closed in the town and some adjoining areas – Achabal, Dialgam – to remember Nisar who was killed by unknown gunmen on this day in 1994 in the nearby Bon Dialgam village.
Yasir lead a rally from Hanfia Jamia Masjid to Dialgam after which prayers were offered at Qazi Nisar’s grave near Idarai Tehkeekat – a seminary founded by Qazi Nisar.
“Democratic Freedom Party, JKLF, Hurriyat, Sout ul Awliya, Difayi Jamiat Ahlul Hadith, Traders Association, Anantnag Chemists and Druggists Union paid tributes to Dr. Qazi Nisar Ahmed,” a statement issued by UEI said.
Yasir, while addressing the gathering said, “The government is adopting every repressive tactic to muzzle our voices and choke the pro-freedom sentiment in Kashmir. But they should bear it in mind that the sentiment is blooming with time and they can’t crush it by force, they have never been able to.”
 Minor clashes erupted in old town and Lal Chowk area of town. Clashes were also reported from Seer area of the district.

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