A big turnout of mourners bid farewell to the dead policeman in Rafiabad


It is a sight that is not far too common in the Kashmir valley. A policeman dying in a militant attack usually gets a quiet burial with close family members and some neighbours in attendance. But on Tuesday a village in Rafiabad bucked the trend when villagers came from near and far to pay homage to the policeman killed by militants in Pulwama.
The dead policeman, Ghulam Hassan, was guarding a court building with his colleague in Takiya Wagam in Pulwama when their post came under attack. Both of them died in the shooting that began in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 
The village of Wohlutra, in Rafiabad, was still asleep in the morning, after a long night of prayer and recitation of verses from the holy Quran to mark Shab-e-Qadr had kept them awake, when news spread in the village that Hassan had been killed.
In no time, a stream of people, men and women, young and old, flooded the slain policeman’s village. And when his body was brought to the village, it brought out a strong outpouring of emotion. “From where will I get the courage to shoulder the coffin of my son,” cried the 80 year old father of the slain cop.
Women beat their chests in a sign of mourning and loss as men jostled with each other to have a glimpse of the dead policeman’s face. Hassan has two young sons and a daughter, and old and frail parents. “He was the lone bread earner for the family. The loss of slain cop will devastate the family who were dependent on his earnings” said Muhammad Afzal, a local resident. 
On Monday morning, Hassan had called his son, Tawseef, on the phone and told him that since he was not going to be at home on Eid, he should buy bakery and other stuff from the nearby town of Baramulla for the family. 
Hassan was well-known in the area for his righteousness and on occasion he would lead worshippers in prayer at the village mosque. It was around six in the morning when the family received a call that Hassan had died in a militant attack. “We received information when we were praying on the eve of Shab-e-Qadar. My brother was pious and sometimes used to lead prayers in the mosque. His loss is huge loss to the family as there is no one left to take care of the family” said Javed Ahmad, the brother of the dead policeman.

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