Jammu Muslim Front pitches for communal harmony


Srinagar, Oct 7, CNS: An emergency meeting of members of Jammu Muslim front (JMF) was held at its office chamber where the prevailing situation in Jammu was discussed at length and the point of communal divide and brandishing of arms sword were discussed at length and role of communal force to create a wedge was under discussion.

The meeting was chaired by its Chairman Shuja Zaffar and addressed by its President Qazi Imran, Habib Sheikh, Rashid Ahmed, Sadiq Bhat Coordinator, Bashir Qareshi Press Secretary.

Speakers have strongly condemned the Chowadi incident which was to flare communal divide and target way side vendors to light the fire of unrest. The cautioned the Muslim community brethren not to fall prey to anti social elements who take undue advantage of opportunity to fan communal divide and are after cheap publicity.

Chairman of the Front said Jammu Muslim are peace loving and have no love for elements of communal divide. While speaking on the occasion he showed his concern on some law enforcing officers whose instead of performing in judicial ways are indulging in Hooliganism and are threating peace loving citizens .he suggested to Govt. that such I’ll mannered officials should be retired who are blot on the good policing.

He also appealed that any people who try to take undue advantage or instigate help anti social elements for creating disturbances be brought to the notice of administration so that peace and communal harmony of the Jammu is not bitter.

While thanking the members of organization and other community members who participated in mourning procession to encourage the atmosphere of harmony and take the message of imam message to their respective community.

While thanking Raj Kumar Gupta President of Gua Shalla Jammu, Devanand Balmiki Samaj, S. Peter Chowhan Christan social worker, Sardar Mohinder Singh Social Worker, in participating with Shia Sunni of Jammu to pay rich tribute to Imam Hussain grandson of Prophet. Who laid his life for peace justice and uphold the path of humanity.

JMF leaders said people of the state and administration should learn lesson from the esteem sacrifice of 72 of Karbala.

People having love for peace harmony should ensure and defeat the nefarious design of anti social elements who are bent upon creating an atmosphere of communal divide.

Shuja Zaffar, chairman of the front has appealed to the people of state to ensure peaceful atmosphere as many innocent lives have gone wasted. (CNS)


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