BJP impressing Kashmir centric politicians for giving push to KP”s return plan


The BJP is in confrontation with the Kashmiri centric political parties, including the separatists as far as the resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley is concerned.
While the BJP finds it feasible to rehabilitate them in three separate colonies separatists want that they should return to the vicinities they had fled from in 1990. But majority of Pandits, who are willing to return to Kashmir, say that since most of them have sold their land and houses for long and others” houses have been burnt it was not possible for them to return to their native places.
Well Kashmiri separatists have been supported by the NC leaders who too want no segregation of the two principal communities. But Kashmiri Pandit leaders say that it is not segregation because the colonies that were being developed for their resettlement were within
the areas inhabited by Muslims. Some of the KP leaders say that they may not accept the
Government rehabilitation policy if that is not supported by the separatists and others. They say their lives would be in danger once they earn displeasure from separatists.
However, the BJP is dead set to implement its policy on rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits and in this connection BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav has said displaced Kashmiri Pandits are an integral part of the Kashmiri milieu and questioned separatists in the
Valley for creating a controversy over their return.
“It is unfortunate that the separatist groups in the Valley are trying to create a controversy out of an issue on which there always existed a near unanimity of opinion in the Valley. Kashmiri Pandits are an integral part of the Kashmiri milieu. I have myself heard hardline Hurriyat leaders including (Syed Ali Shah) Geelani talking about Pandits as integral part of Kashmiriyat. So was the case with all the other Hurriyat factions,” Madhav told reporters here.
Madhav said the state government would hold consultations with all sections of Kashmiri society, including Pandit leaders, for the return of the displaced community. He said the government was committed to bringing back the Pandits with honour and security.
“We gave a commitment in our Common Minimum Programme that the Kashmiri Pandits have to be brought back to the Valley with honour and also with security,” he has said.

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