UP BJP MLA’s latest: Incidents of rape cannot be curbed even if Lord Ram descends on earth


BALLIA: BJP MLA from Bairia, Surendra Singh, who is known for making controversial comments, has said that even if Lord Ram descends on earth, instances of rape cannot be curbed.
“Bhagwan Ram bhi aa jaayenge tab bhi balaatkaar ki ghatna per niyantran nahi ho paayegaa (Even if Lord Ram descends, instance of rapes cannot be curbed),” Singh told reporters here on Saturday.
He was referring to the recent Unnao molestation case. A woman was dragged into a forest and molested by a group of men, two of whom have been arrested after a video of the incident made by the accused surfaced on social media, police said on Friday.
Though the crime took place a few months ago, the video surfaced recently, they said.
In the video, the accused can be seen dragging the woman into a forest as she pleads for mercy with folded hands. “This is a case of ‘swabhaavik pradushan’ (pollution of the mind). It is a pollution of the society. Here it becomes necessary for each and every member of the society to treat every member of the society as their own family members,” the BJP MLA said.
This problem can be resolved “only through values and not through the Constitution,” he added. The BJP MLA is known for making controversial statements.

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