Kashmiris Stand with Kerala Flood Victims, Be the heroes amid Disasters, not Victims. Syed Karar Hashmi

The Shocking Visuals from Kerala make us understood of the pain that our brothers and sisters go through, nothing can compensate for this mammoth damage the floods have done so far in Kerala. This is a wakeup call to bring people closer, stand high, united and contribute for the disaster Victims of Kerala with active mode.
 Apart from government and various NGO’s already on the job, individuals have to come forward to help those affected by the floods. So far 343 people have been killed, 228,000 People homeless, red alert in place, 300 boats involved in rescue operations and helicopters have been airlifting people to the safer places.
We stand with the people of Kerala and hope all organizations, civil societies, and others institutions in the valley, to be geared up actively and will start relief and rehabilitation activities for the victims affected by floods in Kerala. The disasters in Kashmir on daily basis have lessened us that act like heroes amid sufferings and continue struggle towards the destination is the best part in overcoming the bad days. We find ourselves in your place, our hands stand in prayers for your wellbeing and safety.
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