1830 Aadhaar cards found with scrap dealer in Rajasthan, postman held responsible


JAIPUR: The postal department has held a postman responsible for not delivering 1,830 Aadhaar cards which were found with a scrap dealer in Jalupura area here, officials said Friday.
“The postman, identified as Satish Kumar, had not been delivering posts properly and he kept the Aadhaar cards with him since January last year,” said Ramavtar Sharam, senior post master – general post office – Jaipur.
“The Aadhaar cards were found with a scrap dealer yesterday.
The arrangements are being made to deliver them,” he said, adding that Kumar was suspended on June 6 in some other matter.
The scrap dealer yesterday found more than 1,830 Aadhaar cards in a sack of old newspapers sold to him.
It is most likely that the accused postman had dumped the cards with old newspapers, police said.
SHO of Jalupura police station Likhma Ram said the Aadhaar cards were brought to the police station yesterday and were handed over to the officials of postal department.

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