SKIMS to advertise fresh vacant faculty positions


Authorities at Sheri-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences are soliciting applications soon for vacant faculty positions to make up for shortage across many of its departments, officials said.  
An official said several faculty positions have fallen vacant in past couple of years, besides some vacant positions for which no selections were made during recruitment process which capped off in May.
Selections for faculty in 20 departments from previously conducted interview process are at scrutiny stage.
A notification for filling up vacant positions will be issued in the coming days, the official said, including for those found vacant in the recent audit of available posts in the tertiary care medical institute.
Director SKIMS, Prof Omar Javed Shah said it would take about a week to advertise all the vacant faculty positions.
Although SKIMS issued list of newly recruited faculty in 20 of its departments over a month ago, 15 departments had been left out, pending “court cases and clarifications”.
Selections made against vacancies in these 15 departments were “being finalised”, another administration official at the institute said.
No candidates had been selected for five departments and the vacancies there will also be advertised simultaneously, the second official said.
The selections made in 15 departments, not yet made public, had been “marked out” by a scrutinising committee constituted by previous Governor NN Vohra. 
Subsequently, the Institute constituted another committee to address the issues pointed out by the scrutinising committee “individually and collectively”. 
“Part of the recommendations by this committee had already been submitted to the government and the rest were also ready to be sent,” the official said.
Yet another official said the committee had found “disparities and lack of clarity” in academic records of some aspirants which were being addressed. 
Director SKIMS, Dr Shah did not comment on the issue but said selections in remaining departments were being sent to the state government. 
“In about a month, we should be able to publish final selection list of the process,” Dr Shah said.
Interviews for faculty positions in 39 departments of SKIMS had begun in August 2017 and concluded in May 2018. 
The posts had been advertised thrice since 2012. In August this year, the then Governor NN Vohra had ordered constitution of a committee and sought a time bound report on selections to expedite the recruitment process.
The report was submitted in August and one selection list was issued on October 3. Selections in 15 departments had been withheld due to various issues, SKIMS administration had said.

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