Program launched to improve TB notification


A programme ‘joint effort for elimination of tuberculosis’ (JEET) was launched on Wednesday here. The programme was aimed to ensure “notification of tuberculosis” by private practitioners.
Various schemes and programs by Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have been launched to ensure elimination of tuberculosis in India. The project JEET is a collaboration between international research and development organisations, and the union health ministry.
Aimed at increasing the incidence of ‘notifying a TB patient’, the project is supported by health Research and Innovation, William J Clinton Foundation and Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics and funded by Global Fund. Project JEET strengthens network of care providers and researchers to end TB and help in improving the treatment access and quality.
The project seeks cooperation from doctors in private sector and gives them incentive of Rs 1000 for every case notified. In addition, under project Nikshay Poshan Yojana, monthly support of Rs 500 is provided for nutritional support to TB patients till completion of treatment.
At the event, deputy director Health Services Kashmir Dr Fayaz Ahmed Peerzada, encouraged the private sector to come forward to notify TB cases and join hands with the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP).
He hoped that JEET program will boost action of TB control from private doctors and envision the TB elimination goal by 2025. He hoped that JEET officials will support all the DTOs (District TB officers) to intensify activities of private sector engagement. Dr Bharati Kalotee, national lead for JEET, said that the project will be implemented in Srinagar immediately.
Tuberculosis is a notifiable disease in India since 2012. However, low notification from private sector has been an issue according to health researchers, posing constraints to policy development as well as threatening with development of resistant strains of the disease.

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