Migration of border residents, a major cause of Cardiovascular Diseases: Dr. Sushil


A renowned Cardiologist Dr. Sushil today said that   recent skirmishes on border followed by mass migration as a major incident for the prevalence of Cardiovascular Diseases.
Dr. Sushil along with team of doctors conduct a health check up camp with the displaced population in Nowshera Sector amidst recent tensions across the LOC.  
He asserted that many psychological and behavioral variables that are correlated with health acts viciously during current circumstances and are responsible for the onset of many chronic ailments. The main aim of such camps is to promote health awareness and lifestyle issues in such migrant camps so that the migrant families become capable to respond, recover and cope up under such stressful conditions, he informed.
Due to the prevailing uncertainty cases of heart diseases have also increased manifold observed Dr. Sushil and his team while examining patients. As stress, hypertension, lipid abnormalities were very high among the patients examined in the camp, Dr. Sushil said that there are thousands of people living along the borders of Jammu and Kashmir who are facing the harsh realities of life just being border residents. He further elaborated that such stressful life situations contribute to heart diseases and even affect behaviours and factors that increase heart disease risk like high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, smoking, physical inactivity and overeating. the turbulence along the border didn’t let the residents breathe sigh of relief and repeated violation of ceasefire further push them to a situation which is full of stress, fear and unpredictable sufferings .
He advised that necessary lifestyle modifications and positive attitude during such circumstances would go a long way in mitigating the affects of cardiovascular and other associated risks. No doubt there are number of pre- peace building activities which are able to contain such situations but since conflict is overhead counselling of the inmates of such migrant camps can be seen as an essential post-peace building effort, he informed the media persons during interaction.
Special care has been given to the elderly and children who are more prone to such stressful conditions during the camp. More than 400 patients including displaced section and local residents availed the services rendered by the team of doctors under the supervision of Dr. Sushil Sharma. Free medicines were distributed as per advice and various tests like ECG, Blood Sugar and Lipid Profile Test were also conducted.

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