Day 45: FMPHWs continue to agitate


The Female Multipurpose Health Workers Association continued to agitate for the 45th consecutive day on Tuesday and staged a sit-in outside the office of the chief medical officer Doda.
During the sit-in, the workers urged upon the government to release all of their pending salaries and demanded a permanent solution to their issues, including clearance of DPC, rank promotion and enhancement of pay grade.
Halima Tapir, Shakuntalla Devi, Saheena Begum, Babli Devi, Sakshi Devi, Uthama Devi, Parashanta Devi, Yashoob Rana, Amresha Devi, Masooda Begum, Parveena Akther , Bimla Devi, Mehmooda Begum, Pooja Devi, Saleema Akther, Jaleela Begum, Parveena Begum, Ansuia Devi, Gulshana Begum, Reeka Devi, Asha Devi, Nishata Devi, Shamshada Akther, Saleema Begum, Anita Devi and Sonika Devi participated in the sit-in.

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