DAK welcomes appointment of new director SKIMS


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Friday welcomed the appointment of Dr Omar Javed Shah as director SKIMS.
President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said, “we are hopeful he will revive the pristine glory of the institute which is in a sorry state of affairs.”
“A man of impeccable integrity, Dr Shah has excellent managerial skills and is the right person to head the prestigious health institution of the state,” DAK president said.
We anticipate that his new role as director will bring accountability in the system and will end sufferings of patients,” he said.
“SKIMS which was known for its high standards is in complete mess due to “mismanagement. There is lobbyism and infighting among doctors that has eaten away SKIMS and patients suffer the consequences. Patients face immense hardships and they leave the hospital dissatisfied with the care they receive. They are made to wait for months for procedures and surgeries so that they are forced to see doctors in their private clinics. It is painful to see patients waiting in long serpentine queues and they end up being seen by students as senior doctors, more often than not are unseen in the hospital,” he said.   
“Absence of senior doctors during emergency hours is responsible for high mortality among critically-ill patients,” he said. 
Dr Nisar said “there is gross indiscipline in the institute and some elements with vested interests are promoting it.” “Some days back, when government suspended three senior doctors and removed director for violating the norms, these elements opposed the move which was aimed to restore discipline and streamline the functioning of the institute for public good,” he said. 

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