DAK (N) calls for prescription audit in hospitals


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) led by DrNisar-ul-Hassan  on Sunday called for prescription audit in hospitals across Kashmir. that will ensure quality of health care and safety of patients.
“Auditing of prescriptions will curb the practice of unnecessary and irrational prescribing of drugs which is a common and rampant feature in the valley,” DrNisar said in a statement.
He said the most important part of health care system is to deliver the right medicine to the right people. But this does not happen.
“The prescriptions are full of unwanted drugs and they are largely influenced by pharma companies,” said DrNisar.
He said doctors prescribe antibiotics for cold and flu that are caused by viruses against which antibiotics have no effect.
Antibiotics frequently find their way in prescriptions for viral diarrheas where simple fluid replacement works.
Patients with asthma and allergies are given antibiotics, even though they are not helped by taking these drugs. “Unnecessary use of antibiotics has led to the emergence of deadly bugs that are killing patients,” DrNisar said. 
 He said fanciful vitamins and tonics are unnecessarily prescribed and are essentially put in prescription to get favors from pharma companies.

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