Cover to healthcare workers: Health workers in J&K to get Hepatitis-B vaccination


The union health ministry has declared that all health workers across states, including J&K, would be administered Hepatitis-B vaccines in order to protect them from the viral infection that can prove fatal. The decision was announced by the ministry on June 01 following a series of meeting, and all states including J&K have been asked to work out logistics including number of beneficiaries which require vaccination and also communicate about quantity of vaccines that would be required to cover healthcare workers. According to the ministry healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, emergency staff, trainees, housekeeping staff of health facilities are at high risk of contracting the viral infection, which can lead to liver cancer, due to their exposure to blood and other bodily fluids of infected people. The health ministry has said due to their contact with infected patients, the healthcare workers are at higher risk of infecting general population. “Healthcare workers are often unaware of all exposures to potentially infectious blood and body fluids, or contaminated environments,” the ministry said in a statement issued on Saturday, informing all the states about the necessary steps which they need to take. The vaccination is aimed at safeguarding those working with patients, “ideally before occupational exposure”. Besides, vaccination will also go a long way in safeguarding patients from Hepatitis B infection contracted through infected healthcare workers and infected environments. The Hepatitis-B is a viral infection that attacks liver and can cause both acute and chronic disease. The virus is highly contagious and is transmitted through contact with the blood or other body fluids of an infected person.. There is no specific treatment for acute Hepatitis-B whiles as clinical management is based on supportive therapy and relief of symptoms. The vaccination is effective in protecting 90 % to 95 % people.

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