Complicated surgery performed


A huge ovarian tumor was successfully removed with laproscope at Trauma Hospital Kangan in district Ganderbal.
“A 35-year old female patient  of Yachama  Kangan presented in OPD with complaints of pain  and swelling lower abdomen. Patient was thoroughly evaluated with radiological and biochemical tests to confirm the benign nature of tumor,” said a statement of the hospital. 
“Patient was operated by a team of doctors including Dr Faroze Khan consultant Surgeon, Dr Imtiyaz Yatoo , Dr Shaheena Rasool consultant gynaecologist,  Dr Arshiya, Dr Faheem consultant anaesthetists, Farooq Ahmad Rather, Sheikh Gowhar, Sheikh Hilal, Showket Magray, Muhammad Yaqoob, Amina and Mushtaq Sheikh (OT Staff).
“It was a huge benign  tumor of around 20×15 cm with approximate weight of 4.5 kgs containing clear fluid. Patient recovered well post-operatively and was discharged on 4th post operative day. This is a first major surgery performed with laproscope in district Ganderbal at Trauma Hospital Kangan,”the statement said. Dr Faroze Khan, a laproscopic surgeon said that the patients in peripheral areas have various misconceptions regarding the laproscopic surgeries and they prefer open procedures.  “But in modern world almost all the abdominal surgeries are performed laproscopically with better results and less complications as compared to open surgeries,” he added.

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