At SKIMS Bemina, ‘haphazard cleaning’ risks patients” lives


Attendants to patients at Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Bemina hospital on Tuesday blamed the authorities for risking the lives of patients by undertaking cleanliness work in haphazard manner. 
A delegation of attendants told Greater Kashmir that patients admitted to ward 1 were forced to undergo immense agonies when the housekeeping staff started scrubbing the walls. “All the beds were moved to middle to dust and mop the ward,” said Zakir Masood, an attendant. 
He added when the cleaning started, dust enveloped the ward air, risking patient lives.
Another attendant of the patient said that the ward housed at least eight patients that had been operated the same day when cleaning of the walls, exhausts, fans and cabinets and dusting started. 
“Many of the patients had not even regained consciousness after the anesthesia and their beds were tossed around,” said Saleema Begum, another attendant. “They had fresh operation wounds, and some other patients had open wounds,” she added.
The delegation members said that when patients and attendants objected, the housekeeping staff tried to justify their act. Another attendant said that cleaning of hospital was a welcome step, but the ward should have been emptied first in proper manner.
The medical superintendent of the hospital Dr Shifa Deva agreed that wards “had to be cleaned” while the patients were inside. 
“But we do wet mopping, which is recommended for hospitals,” she said. She added that due to the load on hospital, the wards could not be vacated before taking up cleaning of the walls.

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