Antibiotics needlessly prescribed in Kashmir: DAK


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today said “far too many antibiotics are needlessly prescribed in Kashmir. 
“Doctors write antibiotics to patients who do not need them,” said DAK president DrNisarul Hassan. 
He said more than two thirds of antibiotics are unnecessarily prescribed for infections caused by viruses or conditions that are not linked to infection at all. 
“You go to a doctor with runny nose, sore throat, cough, ear or sinus discharge, you will walk away with a prescription for antibiotics. These conditions are caused by viruses against which antibiotics have no effect,” said DrNisar. 
DrNisar said with no regulations, you can get antibiotics from chemist shops without a prescription adding that chemist shops give antibiotics for everything from malaise, fatigue, bodyache to headache. 
“Misuse of antibiotics wipes out body’s good bacteria that is contributing to rise in chronic conditions like obesity, asthma and cancer,” he informed.

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