China Thrashing Brainless Pakistan


As we know that China has invested huge amount like 46 billion USD to build CPEC project to EXPLOIT Pakistan vast natural resources, especially in the guise of development. Gwadar port in Baluchistan holds the key to the success of the corridor and Pakistan’s ambition of becoming an economic stalwart in the region.

China will first become the true owners of CPEC, which includes the road corridor from Pakistan-China border to Gwadar.

Pakistan expressed fear that the CPEC could turn into another East India Company if the country’s interests were not actively protected. Pakistan can never ever pay back the money at any time in future. In the meantime, the Chinese debt will go to such a high amount that Pakistan will start selling lands to China & then China will become the owners of large tracts of land. China is investing heavily in Baluchistan & it will also buy Baluchistan. By lending huge sum of money that china is already doing so Pakistan will not be able to payback and Pakistan will be like a Chinese colony. And It is happening as we speak. Chinese Consortium bought 40% stakes of Pakistan stock exchange for 85 million dollars. And now they bought stakes of their national banks. They are capturing Pakistan economic sovereignty which is better than invading and capturing.


China already occupied Pakistan as its army is heavily dependent on China. Now Pakistan is a colony of China with CPEC they will control Pakistan fully. They will have military base. They will sell power and natural gas and many more things to Pakistani public and all the workers will be from China. On someday Pakistan will realize it, but there will be no exit root. Pakistan will be a vassal state of China and already this process is started.


The Pakistani authorities, along with their politicians and Army officers are selling lands of the innocent people in the china Pakistan border area to China and they are forming their own colony in Pakistan. Now China is acting as a colonial dictator and started to dictate their own terms. They started to force the people of Pakistan to stop attending religious events and beaten up all the agitation. the Chinese authorities has banned children from attending religious events and classes that focus on the Quran.

At least 1,20,000 members of China’s Muslim Uyghur minority have been confined to political “education” camps redolent of the Mao era that are springing up across the country’s western borderlands, revealed from a security official in Kashgar, a city in China’s far west that has been the focus of major crackdown on Muslims. Tensions have remained high in Xinjiang — a resource-rich area long inhabited by the Turkic-speaking ethnic Uyghurs — following a spate of violent attacks in recent years. They were beaten up mercilessly by Chinese policemen, who were being used to launch anti-Muslim campaigns by local police authorities. Though the Chinese authorities have blamed the incidents on Muslim Uyghur separatists seeking to establish an independent state.  “Every household, every family had three or four people taken away and in some villages, you can’t see men on the streets anymore — only women and children — all the men have been sent to the camps.” said Omer Kanat, executive committee chairman of the World Uyghur Congress.


Pakistan is selling Islam to China and they are butchering it mercilessly.

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